Terms of service:

+ The user who upload an image is the unique responsible for violations of terms of service.

+ Olaolaonline.net can in every moment remove or replace all files not respecting the terms of service, using an high bandwidth, with oscene content or not suitable for visualisation by users. Moreover exist specific categories of images whos uploading is forbidden; let's see which:

  • is forbidden to upload images containing pedo-pornographic material, incluse images of genitals and explicit sex situations;
  • is forbidden to upload images violating copyright, if not explicity permitted by authors;
  • is forbidden to upload images for promoting serivces or as advertisements;
  • is forbidden to upload images on large scales, using this service like host for personal homepages;
  • is forbidden to upload images containing racist material or that can insult users;
  • is forbidden to upload images violating italian and international laws.

+ The violation of the terms of service will cause:

  • the end of the possibility to use the service by the user;
  • the delations of the uploaded materials;
  • eventually the accuse of the user to the authoriry.

+ When an image is considered illegal it will be deleted and the I.P. addresSof the poster reported to the administrator of this service.

Privacy: Olaolaonline.net store every I.P. address in a database that is at disposal of authorities if needed. All uploaded images are copyrighted by the uploader user with permission of distributions. All others contents are of property of Olaolaonline.net and therefore copyrighted. Olaolaonline.net is not responsible for the imaes uploaded by users: it only can check, delete or eventually accuse a violation to the authorities.